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Hi ,My name  is Steve I’m 57. I live in London Ky  now born and raised in Hyden KY . I spent most of my childhood in the woods with my trusty 10 pump air rifle on my back  riding through the wood on my yamaha 1971 60cc motorcycle. Keeping crows out of  the dog food was my mission for some reason when I was 11 . When the crows heard the bathroom window opening  no matter how stealth I though I was after being shoot at  they keep there eyes on that window and would  fly to another location on the hill  and waited  for their opening to come back . I soon added a scope if you could call what I had a scope  It looked  kind of like this setup but  older version .×15-scope-review/.   I spent a lot of time  figuring out  how that scope worked  and where I had to aim once it was set to its max  to hit  a crow in a tree  I know was at least 100 yards away and I didn’t stop till I could .    Shooting has been a big part of my life . I entered my first 10 meter air pistol competition in the mid 80’s  with my daisy 717  and won first place in the Blue Grass games  I was hooked  for life .  I got my first spring air rifle in 1987 it was the  1987 rws model 45 with the leather seal  and still shoot it today  and it’s  been my small game hunting  and target gun . I added  the 1980’s Tasco 3-9×50 scope that was made in Japan  that has great glass the day after I got the gun .  I spent a lot of time making a click chart  since it had the exposed turrets and the  rotational indicating marks . I would set for hours in the woods  shooting nuts out of the squirrels mouth  after I got my limit for the morning . A few years ago I got the Hatsan 125  sniper  22 cal spring version . I have been working on shooting long distances  100 yards and longer . I like the challenge of the spring gun  . At 100 yards I can group  pellets in the 4 inch  range  ,6 inch range at 150  and around 8 inch at 200 yards . That my farthest shots so far . I know that’s not a  very small grouping  but  I’m just getting  started with the gun and its one hard kicking  gun . I have started to become interested in field target  matched  and I want to give it a try with my old rws 45 springer  so I have started  making a click chart for my new scope I  just added . Once I have   it set for 10 to 50 yards  I’m going to  find the nearest   match  and give it a try . I have a few knock down  field targets  to practice on . I have also  started shoot  10 meter  air pistol again  and have entered a on line  shooting competition . You mark and number your targets  take a photo  of the un-shot targets and post it .  then you shoot  the match in the  set time  and take another  photo  of that target and  post it . they score it and they keep a running  score  for the year and at the end of the year the person with the highest scores win .Its a lot of fun .  If anyone  knows  where the nearest  field target matches are held  from London Ky  please let me know .