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As an avid RC Heli builder I can say that the carbon that Liam uses is not the cheap China stuff, it is much stiffer, and upon inspection one can see the seam bond quite clearly, compared to RC booms the airfective Carbon is in a different class.

I have an early model of this system, it is based on the stock Bobcat system but improved slightly. The shroud is held concentric to the barrel by a Delrin air stripper that threads onto the barrel, this stripper looks like a mussle break and seats in the carbon tube by oring fit.

this directs initial air blast rearwards to a ported chamber, fore of the stripper are baffled sections, stacking order on initial builds were 5 equal sized chambers. New units apparently are three different sized chambers.

the LDC part is also baffled, in my case 4 sections. I rearranged the sizing and stack order based on conversations with Verve, and advice from NC.

i have been conversing with AGN member Verve, and the consensus is that three chambers are optimal, of different sizes, in biggest, smallest and medium order. Liam is aware of this, hence my assumption that new units will be configured as such.

Kudos to NC for acknowledging the work that goes into these devices, and a big thank you to him for being so open about all his testing. 

Also, many thanks to Verve, for corroborating my personal tests, and to Liam for the willingness to collaborate with potential buyers, he really is very eager to make customers happy!

anytime competitors commend each other’s work is a good day in any endeavour, as it is only once you have tried failed and then succeeded that you are fit to criticise.