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The jack went about 15 to 20 ft after it was shot. I was in a desert wash 50 yards away from a pool of water left over from the rains here on Friday. The jack came across the far end of the pool and stopped on the forest service road that made up the far edge of the pool. I had a boulder to the right of it ranged at 50 yards. The first “shot” I took was empty. I had the single load tray in and forgot to put in a pellet. I thought for sure it would take off before I could load a pellet. It just sat there and stared in my direction long enough for me to get a real shot off. After it was hit it just did a short hop out of view behind the boulder and brush off to the right out of sight. I had to back track 40 yards back up the wash to get where I could exit and try to go find it. I was hoping the whole while that it didn’t get far. When I did get here it was lying in the road about 15 to 20 feet further along from where I shot it. I was relieved to see it. Didn’t want to have to worry if it got away with a superficial or non lethal wound. The land owner texted me today that the cotton tail tasted better than the jack, although the jacks legs reminded him of turkey drumsticks :)  After tying this out it occurs to me that I may want to start video taping some of these. Easier to watch a couple minute video than read someones diatribe and follow their thoughts.