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Jeffhalfrack  This. Is funny. ,!    How about. A review ? We were thinking about one of these. jeffw

Overall, it is a cool toy and thus far it functions without flaw. The pump action isn’t to difficult to operate, but the auto safety can be a pain. The trigger is very heavy and is difficult for my 6 year old to fire.

Seems that about 3 feet is perfect as the salt “pattern” is about perfect with plenty of fpe. So far I have only shot “non” iodized Morton salt. Might have to try iodized and other brands in hopes of finding the perfect ammo. I did not get any better patterns after polishing the barrel. I might back bore it next? Maybe some screw on choke tubes? Also sorry to report I couldn’t get any chrono data. Maybe I need a better chronograph to read salt speed? I think it prefers a modified artillery hold for those wondering about hold sensitivity.

In all seriousness, the trigger is difficult for young kids to pull and the auto safety can take some getting used too, but it is overall worthwhile.