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When I got my first airgun,  a Wildcat with Hugget moderator,  I thought I was well on my way to the dark side.  But I’m not.  Love the WC and use it nearly every day to control the pests around here and it IS fun.  But I don’t find myself lusting after guns and more guns.  Instead of ending up on the dark side I find myself on the wholly sunshine drenched utilitarian plains. A lot of my expected enthusiasm which never materialized is due to all the reports of problems with very expensive and top of the line airguns.  Really has dampened my enthusiasm.  If more guns were made here in the United States and distributed widely in a normal market scheme I would buy at least a couple more guns.

If RAW can come out with a lighter trimmer carbine at least  ( would prefer a bullpup ) I’d buy one.  And WAR is looking pretty good.  But I’m not going out on a limb with any foreign manufacturers any time soon.