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“NMshooter”Be aware that it is the sponsors that help make this forum work. There is a reason for that…… to promote their products.  If there is a great deal somewhere by all means post your findings but understand it could be pulled down if it is from a direct competitor of the sponsors. Some may have a problem with this but it IS business and we need to understand the sponsors have a monitary stake it this and we should be sensitive to  that. When you look on e-bay, you will find that Pyramid Air and Airgun Depot will still have the best prices for the Marauder. They also offer refurbished rifles at a discounted rate. Many of the top rifles brands are only sold new from specific dealers. So, you may not find a wide variation with price across the industry. Several months ago Cabelas offered a great deal for the Marauder.

Certainly respectful of who pays the bills, that’s exactly why I asked the question.  I’m new here but I’ve been around internet forums since before forums (usenet days).  The last thing I want to do is come in here and break a bunch of rules.  In that sense I havent done my homework.  I simply found the most active forum I could easily come across and joined.  As I age here I will become familiar with who’s who.  

So with that said Pyramid is the retailer I’m looking at buying from and while am not always looking for the cheapest price.  I did find their  bundle to be attractive and with the added 75$ off the Marauder using a current promo code made it that much more digestable.  

I do happen to have a Cabelas local to me as well.