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Ok guys, I feel the need to chime in!  I have had an Impact for about 3-4 month which was bought at a dealer which was not A of A and they have been trying to help me but can only be repaired by A of A. I have had accuracy problems from the beginning. I was trying to work out the issues by all the obvious methods, shoot without shroud, single loading, check pellet string fps, sorting pellets but not much luck. The gun had been leaking slowly but was trying to make it work until the leak became to strong. The only option was to send it in for service. The gun had a slow leak and they could not find it. Supposedly they replaced everything and even had Frederick look at it when he was visiting. They finally found the leak, accrurized the rifle (one shot hole at 25yds) and it was sent back to me maybe 6 weeks later. Literally the first shot back it developed a sever leak where you could hear the air escaping. Sent it back within 12 hours,  this time they say the issue was entirely new!?!? They put their full attention to it and repaired it and was back to me in about 2 weeks. They have always been very accommodating over the phone.  It is now back for around a week. I now shoot it at mostly 30 yards because it just does not group well at 50, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. On calm days or slightly windy days it does not matter. 

This whole process is frustrating. I have not spoken up on the boards until now because I was trying to give A of A a chance to make it shoot better. I think they have tried but why would they not test guns at 50 yards unless they do not want to know the results. All they seemed to be interested in is how the gun shoots at 25 yards. My brother has had the same issue with his HW 100. They say because it shoots good at 18 yds it is a shooter, but his would not group at 25 yds. He has finally gotten his to shoot properly (better than mine) but had to go around warranty and pay someone out of his own pocket. I still have a few more things to try before I throw in the towel and will keep you guys in the loop if the guns makes an about face. I am left with same feeling as frank and sharroff that when you pay 1900 for a gun you would expect better than what I am experiencing. Somebody may want to set me straight because I am new to airguns but should you expect a high end airgun to shoot 1/2 inch groups at 50 yards in calm conditions and one hole at 25 yards (not literally pellet on pellet)?