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“zebra”I don’t have access to any inside info but you have to assume that demand for the Impact is many times greater than demand for any of the RAW rifles (and most others too) There was already a fairly major bullpup craze before the Impact and it has unique features that are highly desirable worldwide. 

I haven’t seen the Impact production process but I know enough about general manufacturing to say that the Impact looks more complicated to produce than the average PCP. It has a number of fairly chunky metal components that require precision (like the trigger block). Even if the process is somewhat automated with CNC mills, it’s not going to be quick. 

Check out a few YouTube clips showing high end vertical mills in action to get an idea of the speed they operate at. It’s a snails pace compared to making plastic and wood parts, or casting and stamping metal. It does produce high quality parts though and that’s kinda what you expect at that price range. 

Without a change in design, I think it will be like this for a while. Look on the bright side, when your Impacts arrive, they are certain to hold their value for the foreseeable future. 


Nothing in a RAW is stamped metal, nor are other major components, like the stocks mold formed plastic parts. I’ve met and talked with Martin, who vets every rifle before it leaves the shop. His company takes orders and ships world wide no differently than FX. Have you had the opportunity to meet with Mr Axleson? How much is he involved with the manufacture of his rifles these days? Please do tell.