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Oxidation is the biggest enemy of most things, including pellets. If you want to keep them protected from environmental effects and protect them from you using them by mistake here’s what I’d suggest. Order some O2 absorbers from Ebay/Amazon. Gently put the pellets in a hard sided container, lined with foam, along with an absorber or two (depending on size). Break out the Foodsaver and vacuum seal the containers. You might even consider adding a moisture absorber, but I don’t know that it is necessary. 
Pellet tins will work for this but watch out for crushing the tin while vacuum sealing. If you go this route, take some pellets out and double up on the foam. 
Or, send them to Kitplanenut for safe keeping! ;)

I like the vaccum pack idea. I have 20 or so tins of AA 10.34’s waiting for me to turn the power back up in my S500. They are all the same lot and shoot lights out up to at least 50yd. My best 5 shot group with them last summer was .317c-t-c.