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I have a feeling your likely spot on…  But damn,  now that seed is planted and it would be just my luck to have something go sideways.  I also understand internet forums and that rarely do the majority of happy people get on and talk about it, but rather those couple of people with issues that are unresolved and looking for a reasonable solution tend to gather the most attention.  

When you say Crosman has great service,  what interaction have you had that makes you feel this way.  That is important to me as well.  

And yes,  While accuracy and build quality are top on my list,  shot count is right there at the top as well.  I’ve watched enough video to know that hand pumping is a stop gap for me until I figure out the best solution for fills .  Likley sooner rather than later.  


I have ordered a lot of spare parts for both my Disco and 747.  Their prices for spares are very moderate, cheap may be a more accurate description, and shipping is quick and inexpensive.

My point is that I read far more internet warnings about inaccurate .22 Marauder barrels, than I do first hand reports of the problem.  None of us have any facts, and there is an error rate above zero for any manufactured product.  But I have no reason to consider current production .22 Marauders as sub-par in any way.