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Your main problem is you can’t make something from nothing….
You can’t make clean frames, you will only be able to make blended frames to fill in as extra frames for a slomotion effect.
These frames will range from clean to unrecognizable.. (Watch last video to see what I mean)

The xsight shoots at 720x60fps Or 1080x30fps.
The Casio high speed shoots best at I believe 5??x240 fps

So you have 240 clean but lower video quality frames per second to view and work with (but it works)
60 clean frames that you now have to blend together to fill in the gaps and then blend the blended frames to get the minimum high speed of 240. 

I own a xsight and can say that blending its footage will result in a lower quality video. 
My latest video using the xsight believe it or not I used 4 different adobie programs to make this video.

That being said your best bet to do this would be to use “Twixtor”,   look up “tontondoogiy  airgun challenge” youtube channel. In his slow motion videos he is using a samsong S6 cell phone and slowing the shots using Twixtor. 

I believe twixtor works as an adobie aftereffects plugin so you would need to get adobie cc as well.
I’m not trying to dump on your party or be a jerk but this is the best softwear for the job and knowing what I do I dont think it will work the way you want it to with the footage from the xsight mostly due to the grain in the footage both in night vision and day mode, zooming in on the scope enhances this digital grain, and the small pixel area of the pellet I think will get lost in the blending process.

Watch this to see if twixtor is what you want

I hope you figure it out.