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I live near the Puget Sound.  I guess what I really need to do is investigate my options for getting a scuba tank and what fills would be at a local dive shop in the Olympia, WA area.  

Accuracy is my number one primary concern.  I want a gun that I can shoot paper with that is dead nuts on.  I’m willing to accept that most guns are better than I am, but I have shot competitively and I know my capabilities.  Now with doubt planted in my mind, should there be a flier my instinct will be to automatically blame the barrel.  While thats not fair… it’s the reality.  

I’m also getting older,  not in the best shape and frankly I’d rather shoot more and pump less.  Initially i’d steered completely away from PCP because of this but I began to understand more about the inherant problems with springers and in trying to achieve accuracy goals…. well here I am in the PCP forum.  The idea of pumping more often doesn’t excite me, but if that’s what needs to be done so be it.  

What i’m reading between the lines is that if I remove the hand pump from the equation  I get a more accurate package with the .25 caliber.  Does that apply across the board with other manufacturers?

Is there another rifle in the Marauder price range that will give me equivalent accuracy and a higher shot count per fill that I should consider.  

Thanks for every response and tolerating the new guy…..  I thought I had this figured out.