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I have a Marauder that is shooting around 28FPE. It prefers the 15.89 JSB’s although it shoots the 18.1’s very well. Every rifle can be different. When I first ordered the rifle I ordered the Crosman domes which it also shot well but they are a lighter pellet and at 14 gr had trouble with accuracy shooting past 50 yards. I might suggest ordering a sampler pack from Straight Shooters where you can try about 25 different pellets and see which one it likes the best. It is a fun process!
If you are starting out, I would still suggest the .22 dispite the possibility of a poor barrel. There are after market barrels and people on this forum to help you get the rifle shooting well. The .22 caliber gets about 35-40 shots per fill while the .25 only gets 16-20 shots. Now if you have a tank to fill, no problem, but if you have a pump, it might take the fun out of shooting. You will be shooting a ton when you first start! If your main goal is just to plink-shoot, I see no reason to get a .25 caliber, however if your main goal is to hunt then there is an argument to get the .25. caliber. I believe. it is difficult to have one rifle do all things, many on this forum have more than one rifle.
I think the .22 Marauder is a great first gun. Many on this forum had no problem with their .22 Marauder.
While I had a lot of problems to start, it led to a great learning experience and now it is my most accurate rifle at 50 yards. Yesterday, I shot my best group at 50 yards which was a .158 inch center to center 5 shot group.
Best of luck with your decision,
PS- if you are just starting out, I would pick up 1-2 tins of the Crosman domes ( very inexpensive) and shoot at 30 yards to sight it in just get to know the  rifle. I think it takes about a 1,000 rounds to “get the feel” of the rifle. Then I would start testing other pellets ( at distances from 30-100 yards).