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I have been testing my new used 25, I’m averaging 915 fps for 5 shots with 72gr bullets and going out today to see if I can get the valve to get a bell curve going, I’m dropping the PW to 4/0and slightly higher pressure in my tank. Not shooting pellets at all as this gun as it is strictly a predictor hunting gun and that’s it. I very well may get a 500cc 4500 psi carbon tank from china and set pressure for shooting at 3300psi I’m thinking that may be the safest option to get a bell curve for this gun.

AJ, yes, this gun is a powerhouse at over 100fpe at 140 yds ! I’m extremely careful of where I shoot it. This is NOT your “I’ll use my 2-4 inch airgun duct seal airgun target as a backstop gun” I would never ever shoot this gun in my back yard unless shooting a hi power 22 is OK shooting in your back yard !

I have posted a few pics of this gun cause she is pretty cool, Here is one I posted on some other forums.