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I have dealt with more than enough scammers , and most I have run into are either foreigners or kids —    —  basically , if the deal is too good to be true , then it is what it is —  I usually know a guy is a scammer in less than 3 emails — just ask some technical questions like pellet selections / velocities etc , and a scammer ; for the most part , is not going to know technical data — but if you are looking for the deal of the century [ ie – a mint airwolf for $700 ] and you want it to be true , don’t get upset when it isn’t because it is unrealistic in the first place — I had a scammer send 50 emails [ I knew he was a scammer on the 2nd email and was stringing him along ]  and he had the major set of gonads to actually send an official state of Colorado firearms transaction form [ 4 PAGES LONG ]  complete with serial #  , counterfeit / pirated NOTARY STAMP —- I contacted the actual notary  for verification and contacted  the Colorado state  dept.  —  that’s got  to be some kind of felony , you would think —   needless to say ,  a phone conversation is good protection against scammers  –  most scammers do not want to speak on the phone , [ or can barely speak English ] so don’t get lazy about that —  we live in a world that  now has threats coming from every direction –  some are lethal  —  we need to learn how to protect  ourselves because you can’t rely on some knight in shining armor to  mysteriously appear to save the day —