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If you’re having shoulder pain and are in doubt that a .177 is enough for your pests, why not invest in a .22 cal PCP gun?

I have several springers, all in .177. An HW30s, nice finish, but it has trigger mechanism issues. Other than that, I can vouch for it being a pleasure to shoot. I popped a couple small birds out at about 20 yards with it, but I’m not sure it’d kill anything bigger than a rabbit, and even that would require a head shot. That’s my low power springer. Specs say 675 fps max, so that’s probably with a 7 gr. pellet.

I have a Stoeger X20, which is my mid-powered .177 springer. Sends out the Crosman Premier Lights (7.9 gr.) at around 900 fps. This one would probably do OK on rabbit sized game even with a chest shot, out to 25 yards. Its accurate enough to make head shots out to maybe 30-35 yards, with a good trigger added.

Lastly, I have a Diana 56TH, which is a magnum class. (1100 fps) Not too bad to cock, since it has that big side lever. Recoil is non-existent, and it is not the least hold-sensitive. But if you have shoulder pain, it’s not the one for you, as it is quite heavy. It also beats the hell out of scopes, and I haven’t found a mount that will hold them steady yet.