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“fr8rbum747”Nice animal and nice shooting gamyrick.  To answer your question Philo, I have to go for at least a 25 / 30 caliber and a heavy pellet. Shot placement is everything working with these Pneumatics along with FPE on target.  The moderated rifles will keep the neighbors happy if that is also a concern.

I’ve had some time to think about your question and the above reply. The larger the caliber the less the need for accuracy. The larger the caliber the more forgiving of our mistakes. I’ve seen hogs taken with a .177 caliber air rifle. I wouldn’t consider using a .177, but it has been done. I guess that you need to choose a caliber that is appropriate with your skill level. Twenty-five or thirty caliber would certainly be more forgiving and versatile with larger quarry than a twenty-two caliber. 

 I agree with you