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Thanks Jimmy – this was my first practice since Salem – felt rusty – Pun intended 😬
But proably need to blow though a few thousand pellets to get ready —
I talked to Mike on the phone yesterday? _ I’m getting confused on even what day it is? Thought today was Thursday 😬
I think Mike said it would be ready by the end of next week?
i went to the FedEx office today,brought an empty pelican rifle case and the Ranolph pelican case,asked if I needed to put them in boxes to ship?
the manager said nope -just lock em and fedex would apply the labels directly to the cases –
I think I’ll try to ship everything but me —LOL 
‘then all I need worry about is my carry on bag -which I’ll put the 2 scopes in –
lots of planning goes into this travel to shoot stuff_-
going to be another Desoto match coming up —
could be a lot of matches for the Florida boys – with Desoto and Dade city events –
Paul Stakun is putting together a big event for November -and then the Desoto club is putting on a sanctioned match for December –
I’m really exited that there could be lots of shoots
-peace and Red Bull Grease