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I live in a small apartment in the middle area of a larger city and envy those who can step out their back door to shoot. I’m roughly 30 minutes from my closest shooting area/range so shooting indoors does have advantages. Although the longest distance I have to work with on my micro range is 5 yards – I’ve found practicing offhand attempting to keep shots inside a 1/4″ circle is not so easy but once I am outside in the field, the practice I’ve done shows benefits.

I also do my initial zeroing at this range using Chairgun to see where I should be hitting at for a given zero setting. No wind to complicate things and the setting is not only quite stable, but comfortable. Once that is done I usually test velocity for the pellets I have on hand and then go for groups. Yes — I know grouping at this silly short range can’t be used to determine long range performance but if I can’t get several shots into one hole or at least a very tight cluster, those pellets will not likely be worth spending time on once outside.