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JoeWayneRheaI went All In on the FWB . Sold off All my PCP stuff and guns . They are just a blast to shoot . And there are stretches ( not always ) that mine will shoot with most any PCP rifle out there .
My buddy AJ shoots can make a Marauder a one hole rifle , but my FWB in no wind is more accurate than any factory Mrod I’ve personal shot .

Joe, I haven’t spent alot of time with my FWB yet, but it has already shown the potential to shoot as well and possibly better than any pcp I have at 25m. Yes, wind and other conditions change things, but from a pure guns potential stand point, I think the FWB is one of the most precise guns I have ever shot. I guarantee if I were going to shoot 10m or 25m indoors, I wouldn’t hesitate to shoot the FWB over any pcp.