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“Auronotcs”I’m not usually too worried about taking too many squirrels here in Arkansas, but we have a ton of trees they like to eat from. And the season in AR is from May-February. 
WOW, that is one long season. Our season is from mid September to end of January.  6 a day limit. We have so many hawks & bald eagles now that our squirrel population is not what it used to be. I have seen both hawks  & eagles swoop down and pick up  squirrels.  We have some good hot spots, but squirrels are not highly populated  everywhere like they used to be here. I used to kill a limit  in about any woods around here  in a couple hours or less. Now sometimes I can hunt all day and not do so. We see more deer  a day than squirrel.

The daily limit in AR is 12 and the possession limit is 48. We can also take up to 6 deer /year, 4 does and two bucks.