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Jones I can verify with the FWBs what seems like a minor speed increase is HUGE when your in the wind !
Thanks 10X for saving me the hassle of replacing the o ring for nothing . I bought a double spring set from ISS NeilStepp and they by far are the strongest double springs I’ve seen . I’m 6,1 and weigh in pretty damn close to 280 lbs and the last Macarri spring was so strong I Barely found put it in by myself .
I’m with you guys on not treating my guns like a museum piece . I resold one unaltered ( outside ) gun and I could tell the buyer was slightly disappointed with it when it arrived ….The ones I’ve pimped out and sold ALL those guys love them ! And shoot them regular .
I got a little of that old school Roy Weatherby gene in me …You youngsters won’t get that one :)