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“glengiles”I would suggest buying new for your first PCP unless you have a burning desire to be a tinkerer/gun smith. Any issue, send it back and get another one or something else or your money back Used, you’re on your own. There’s a big difference in lower dollar platforms like the Hatsan or Benjamin as opposed to FX or Daystate where the latter can typically fill to 4000 psi or more and the former usually hover at 3000 psi or slightly under. This makes a huge difference in pumping and even tank filling. The nice thing about the higher psi guns is you typically get many more shots per fill. Because of the ammo costs and air usage, .25’s are not really considered target or plinking platforms but are pretty much seen as a hunting/pesting platform. 

I’ll respectfully disagree (a little) on some of those points.

If you buy used, it doesn’t mean you are on your own if something goes wrong, it just means you have to pay for the repairs yourself instead of getting it under warranty. That may or may not be worth the risk, depending on the gun and how good the deal is on a used one. Common repair like a repeal are not that expensive.

Ammo costs are not massively different between 22 and 25. I don’t think 25 cal pellets are too expensive for plinking. I plink with them all the time. I get 60 shots per fill with my 25 Cricket. It’s a great plinker.

on pumping the larger reservoir guns, it certainly takes longer and I wouldn’t want to do it but, if I had to pump, I would prefer to do it once for more shots than having to pump every 20 rounds. Plus, you don’t have to fill it all the way if you wanted to pump for less time. It’s good to have the option to have more shots. 

If I had to go with a pumping set-up, I would look at the FX Indy. It’s not my cup of tea at all, but, I would prefer it over the usual hand pump setups. In the smaller calibers, the Indy looks tolerable.

*We’re just talking here, I didn’t perceive your post as an ‘attack’ and I’m not throwing it back. Put this dialog in a booth at a bar where we’re sharing a pitcher of beer and talking about a mutual friend that’s looking to get into PCP. :)

I too respectively disagree as I think you misunderstood where my theoretical approach was coming from.  I feel your response lends itself to a higher budget than what I gathered this purchase to be. I could totally be off on that assumption but considering the topic was Hatsan and Benjamin the champions of low/entry level PCP budgets….

If you buy a new gun for $700 or a used one for $500, any issue with the used one and you have a budget of $200 for shipping and repairs to break even and at that point and you still don’t have a warranty.  If you have more money for the gun then it doesn’t matter what it costs or what it might cost to repair if it needs repair. And, like I mentioned, if you are fine with doing the repairs yourself then you could easily be money ahead, which is great. I’ve done both; my first PCP was a used Hatsan that ended up being a nightmare. By the time I gathered all the data on it I could it had been at least 3 other owners ‘project’ gun. As one that has zero desire or inclination to try and fix it myself, or pay someone else $100’s for parts, labor, shipping to bring it back to original specs, I moved it on, with full disclosure, and saved up for a brand new gun with a full warranty. So the OP is asking for our opinions and all of our responses are uniquely shaped by our own personal experiences, including mine. 

I’m not sure how ‘more’ turned into “massively expensive” but again, one could say that .25 PCP is a bargain compared to some center fire cartridges that sell for over $10 per round. If you’re on a budget .177 and .22 are cheaper to shoot than .25 per shot. That’s a fact and that’s all I’m saying. Plinking typically equates lots of shots so if budget is a concern then lower calibers will probably be the best choice. Again, if you have the budget to plink w/.25 or .30 or even .50, great, but that’s not how I interpreted this topic.

When shooting alone I have to hand pump my .25 Gladius and in addition to the cardio workout the grips on my pump really irritate my hands. With the most recent tune, I get 18 shots in a good curve at max power. That’s a lot of work for plinking. Rather than put more money into a better pump I’d rather keep my pump as an emergency back up and save up for a tank system but a fill system is, on the entry level, about equal to the gun budget. I totally agree that as a concept the FX Indy seems highly attractive albeit about 4 times the price of a Hatsan or Benjamin. I’m certain it would be 4 times the gun and totally worth it. I’ve shot a variety of PCP’s but have yet to shoot an FX. I’m looking forward to that opportunity. I’m envious you have that opportunity daily! Looking forward to your thoughts, I always enjoy reading your posts.