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Fps you are quoting are far too low. My Impact shoots 18gr .22 pellets at 960+ and 920fps on 25.4gr .25 at just past 2nd line on the valve.

When you close the valve knob fully, which line does it stop to (don’t force close as there’s a rubber ball in the knob, just when it stops without applying lots of force)? Picture possible? On full close, it should be half way between 1st and 2nd line or close to 1st. If you can see the second line on full close, send it in for warranty repair.

Either the transfer port is not aligned or the valve stem as come loose from one (or both) ends.

Slow leak is another issue but it shouldn’t have any such major effects on the fps.

Also, check for play in the power spring when set at Max power. Set the wheel at Max and check for play in the black metal plate to left of it. rifke shouldn’t be cocked for this check.