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really it comes down to a few factors and how to recognize what’s good and bad wild pig you can eat but its more along the line of where they are and what there eating like any wild animal there prone to diseases and parasites so after you take one down and start dressing them you need  be wary A lot of this stuff comes from how they eat in the area your taking them    like literally out in the woods where there is  clean water and plenty of other healthy food sources or near the trash dump where its been scavaging  and presky parisited and other diseases cultivate.. also  if you plan on eating what you take down you need to make sure you can properly spot sick or parasite activity in the animal as you butcher them like liver spots.i know when I first started small game squirrels and rabbits  some of it can be hard to tell and other you can see out right if your not sure don’t eat as my father told me