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fe7565If the source of leak is that screw then it could affect the accuracy and shot count.  That screw supposed to seal by itself without any o-rings, but some others used (semi-permanent?) thread lock compound. 

May also want to check Ernest’s videos  where he shows how to put the Vulcan back together (he had a .22).  There may be something not exactly right after you replaced the regulator.  For example when sliding in the barrel there are some delicate fitting maneuvers for the barrel and tank clamps, etc that has to be done just right. 

that screw is just for barrel alignment … i dont think putting lil rubber in the screw will effect accuracy …. i saw barrel it is aligned properly ….
and it was leaking air like this only even before installing regulator..
u made me worried now that time i thought orings r new mb air cming from bolt ….. r u sure it wil effect the accuracy ?