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MY PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll start off with my Marauder. I found out it was leaking from the pressure gauge that quit working. Just so happens I have a pressure gauge from a 4500 psi ninja paintball tank that fits. Now comes my Impact. I started to shoot it again today with the last few pellets of my previous tin that I know worked flawlessly. Still crappy groups. I did notice that more often than not the pellet probe was a little rough going through the mag. Just so happens those were the shots that went away from the group. So I tried holding the mag with my thumb when I cycled a new pellet into the barrel and the probe went much smoother through the mag. My groups shrunk dramatically. I still had a slightly rough cycle every now and then, and it did open up my group a tiny bit. I contacted AoA to see if they used my mag for the testing or not. The gentleman that tested my rifle wasn’t in, so I’ll have to wait till Monday for that answer. I do believe these groups will answer it for me. Looks like I just need a new mag 🙂 Here is a pic of two groups I shot at 30 yards using the JSB Kings from my second tin. 

Did I mention these are 16 shot groups? 🙂 I couldn’t be more happy right now.