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Fist of all you are citing 2 problems here – and they are most probably unrelated.

The first you mention has been covered by Michael above – it’s the standard ‘Bell Shaped’ power output curve (when depicted in a graph) shown by all unregulated airguns.Assuming a fill of 220 BAR – only the middle section, approx 180 down to 110, will provide consistent FPS- that’s a fact of Nature (immutable Physics).

The weight of pellet used at your desired FPS seems near impossible and somewhat fantastical !  Why those choices? 
Having everything adjustable set at ‘max level’ is not a good starting point, anyway.

The second area of your concern is the 20 BAR air leak per week (with your rifle), most likely culprit is the air inlet valve ‘O’ ring – the tiniest speck of dirt is enough to cause trouble with these very small ‘O’ rings. Lots of discussions on here about these articles (that ‘O’ ring) and availability, have a look around.