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“Tominco”Thanks everyone!

Cliff, I had a 500 for a short time – only a month or two. I traded out my Bobcat to get it and try it out. Then, the Wildcat was going to be released and I needed some $$. So, I sold the 500 right back to the guy it came from. He missed it so much that he actually contacted me right when I made the decision to sell it (note to self). I noticed immediately how much I got used that thumb rest on the 500 stock (note to self). Time went on and the Wildcat proved to be a keeper. Then EBR came around and changed a lot of things for me. Enter the Impact, youtube, new friends… I saw some 4/500’s competing as usual. I always notice them because it feels like this “void space” ever since I sold the 500 (note to self). Ted had a nice laminate he was using for the speed silo and I also noticed some other really wild and beautiful stocked ones there. A few months later I ended up having a long conversation with a guy that has been around for a long time, knows his stuff, shoots very well, competes, but mostly hunts, and this guy shoots everything – I mean he has shot just about every rifle sold. We were just chatting it up and the 4/500 came up. I told my story and he told his. One of the key points he said was how the Royale is the most solid platform FX has ever come out with (note to self) So, I skipped on in to AoA while I was down in AZ for a BR competition in Feb. Yup, saw another 4/500 at that competition (note to self). I held a few including a very light one that looked to be a carbine model or something. Well, then they bring out this one with grade2 stock that was having oil rubbed into the stock. Oh man, my jaw hit the floor! 
So, I thought it over on my 900 mile drive home. They’ve been around for a while, this guy I trust tells me it’s the most solid platform they’ve ever released, I miss mine, I see them at competitions and they’re competitive, I see one in Ted’s hands, I see one in Fredrik’s hands (I mean, if they guy that owns the company and makes the rifles is shooting one….), they look nice, feel nice, I could go on and on. Another thing that comes up is that they are steady. What I mean by that is, they get talked about on the forum but it’s usually about tuning, tweaking, etc. Seems like it’s all the stuff that comes up after a rifle has proven itself to a shooter. I’ve said time and time again how I believe consistency is they key to successful shooting both in the rifle and the shooter. Well, this takes it up to a different level – consistency in the manufacturing of a rifle over time. I guess it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and get a rifle that’s not the newest release but an old tried and true model. The decision was made and I got to think about it for the other 895 miles home! :) 


GREAT story about your saga with the Royale series! I felt much the same way you did. The Royale 500 was my first PCP and after selling mine I went through a period of buying and selling, trying maybe 8 or 10 other different PCP’s from various companies, wanting to try different guns. I was bit by the bug hard and all the nice folks on these forums I think can unknowingly be such enablers haha. IIRC I tried 2 AA S510’s, RAW HM1000x, Hatsan, a Bobcat, 2 different Cricket carbines, one in .25 and one in .22, a BSA R-10, maybe one or two that I can’t recall just now.

I had the same “void space” you did and always missed the Royale. Like you, based on my experience, I always felt much the same way that it is just such a reliable, consistent platform that offers everything I could want. I finally just bucked up and got another one and it shoots just as well as the first one and although I still have the .22 Cricket carbine, and the BSA R-10, the Royale by far gets the most attention. I’m actually considering selling the Cricket and the BSA and getting another Royale but a 400 so that I have both a .25 and .22 covered.

There has been a lot of positive talk about the Taipan Mutant lately (darn enablers 🙂 ) and with the sale going on right now for the standard I’m having a hard time resisting trying one.

Anyway, congrats again on all the new additions to the family. I love the picture of you jumping in the air in front of the Subaru. I remember that being a theme in their commercials at one point. You really nailed that photo! haha