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“fr8rbum747”DJBriez – Nice breakdown on the 22 and shot count.  If you notice the spikes in your shot count as you run up the string with the low of 697 and soon to follow high of 909,  I have found them to be caused by several things besides the law of physics of compressible gases (decreasing pressure, air density, chamber volume and air movement within the cylinder) .  I have had an audible click when reviewing recordings of my shot strings associated with the fps shift.  One or both of the springs moving on the hammer and or the air valve reseating itself between cocking and shooting the shot.  Reseating of air  valve (remember a spring of set tension handling large variations in air pressure / air volume very quickly)
Not much you can done about either except check lubrication or sharp edges within the cylinder near the hammer and reworking the air valve itself.
Thanks for sharing your numbers.  Hard work pays dividends, stick with it.

Remember that audible bong when you shoot with out a de-pinger.  Well that air is in the cylinder moving at near sonic speeds at times during a shot.  The de-pinger just quiets it down.  That internal shock wave is what I am referring to on smaller diameter cylinders such as the Marauder applied to the valve seat. 

That’s interesting stuff FR8 !…. And thank you…I like posting things about my experiences, to inspire ideas from others, to inspire me aagin!…I love how that “circle” works in this community!