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When you hit “link” in a particular post, your browser address will change (and your page might move a little). You can then copy the link from your browser and paste it in another post, email, etc. It will bring someone directly to that post you originally hit “link” on. 
There has been an issue lately posting links in the reply box. So, another way to post it is
Copy the link, Start typing about this particular post. Highlight “this particular post” or whatever words you used to refer to the post. Look in the shaded area of the “Reply To” box. There’s a butting that looks like a bicycle chain link. Hit that and a box will appear. Paste the link in the box and hit ok. 
Now, “this particular post” will bring folks to that original link you were referring to. It gives your post a lot cleaner look for a few seconds of time. I used the video tutorials page as an example. 
I think “link” is the answer for you.