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I went here:

These look to be applicable to your question:

  • When you buy something, no matter how big or small it is, you enter into a contract/legal agreement with the seller. Your rights don’t change just because you bought the item in a sale. But you don’t have a right to return something if the fault with it was pointed out to you before you bought it. If you have a complaint about faulty items, shop notices such as “No Refunds” or “No Exchanges” do not limit your rights. Some shops display these notices, particularly during the sales, but this does not take away your rights under consumer protection law if the goods are faulty.
  • Reject item – Full refund
  • If you agreed to buy something and it simply does not work from the outset, then you are entitled to reject the goods and get a refund from the seller. Examples include a new washing machine which fills with water but does not spin or drain, or a new TV set which the audio doesn’t work on. In both of these examples, the consumer has discovered a major problem/fault with the item as soon as they go to use it for the first time. In the shop they agreed to buy it, but clearly there is something wrong with the one they were given. The consumer has not “accepted” the item – they brought the item home but it does not do what it said it would and the consumer had the right to reject it. They can return it to the shop and demand a full refund. This will terminate the contract they had for the item with the seller.