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“jking”Wow Tom, congrats on everything especially the one from God. I’ve been thinking about a set of FX No Limits for my 500 but it looks like your mounts would do the same with the benefit of the top weaver mounts. It looks like the set up on your gun set the scope really high looking at the gap between the top of the magazine and the bottom of the scope. Is it shouldering ok where it is now? I’m running mine much lower to get a better feeling cheek weld and eye alignment. Maybe a difference in the stock and receiver configuration as well. 

There are actually side weavers available too. Click the link and look for the accessories section. They screw on where the level is. It looks so high because it’s tilted way up. I’ll try to remember to snap a pic of it once I get the final location. Generally, I like to run my scopes as low as possible.