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If noise is ever a concern, go with a .22.  With an 18gr pellet you can achieve almost 30 FPE with some setups.  That’s more than enough power for any rabbit or squirrel despite what some will tell you.  If you’re considering a PCP for the first time, you also have to think about how you plan to fill it.  Pumping while it’s the most affordable technique it’s hard work.  Deciding between a .22 vs .25, you’ll do a lot more pumping than shooting with a .25 cal.  Getting a tank and getting it filled is just added cost that you need to consider.

As for airgun choice, if you had your mind set on a rifle, get a rifle and don’t let anyone talk you out of it.  As great as a Mutant is, it’s still a bullpup and unless you’ve used one it’s a totally different feel than a rifle.  Many have been disappointed going from a rifle to a bullpup.  Myself, I prefer a bullpup after using a rifle but I suggest you go shoot a bullpup before deciding since it’s a $1,000+ decision.  

Given your choices, I’d go with the Daystate Regal in .22 cal.  I’ve never owned one but it’s always been on my wishlist.  It’s reasonably light weight, has a classic rifle appearance and Daystate has a good reputation on build quality.  The only downside to Daystate is their spare magazines are expensive but the Regal can be had for $1,049 brand new.  Years ago when I was looking, they were $1,200+.  My advise would be buy the best that you can comfortably afford.  If you buy a $500 Marauder, sure it will work but I’m positive you’ll be wishing you had purchased the Regal instead.