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the marauder can be vary quite specily with all he aftermarket stuff you can but my .25 is vary quite and I hunt rabbits with it all the time the trick is to properly tune the gun if you ask me its just about as quite as my wildcat   the only difference really is  I can extend the baffling system as much as I want on my wildcat just about where on my marauder I would have to but a shroud extension or fit something like a hugget on it  both will work
​I tuned my marauder down a little on fps since I use it for plinking and rabbits/squirrels  at between 30-50 yards and that lower fps also made the gun a lot quitter
​as for a murader 22 to my knowledge there still having some issues with there in house barrels as a matter of fact my neighbor got a .22 last xmass and blew all his baffles out from chipping  he ended up getting one from MM and I helped him install it has doing great now  so really if your looking for a full setup  the .25 marauder is a great way to go with under 1000 bucks hat would get you the gun a decent scope and even a small carbon fiber bottle just about.. if it wasn’t for your 20fpe requirement it tell you to look t a marauder pistol for small pests and light weight I got my father one a few months ago and I don’t think there any more chipmunks alive willing to go near his garden  and even at 50 yards that thing is holding half inch groups with the predator Pollymags and it weight almost nothing 
​PS I have I live in town and have people all around me and I sight and test pellets in my backyard with a home made backstop made of old jeans pillows and mulched tires with pavers stones at the back so nothing is getting threw and none of them seem to hear me shoot most of the noise both the guns make is the hammer striking the valve and the pellet hitting the target  the noise report from the baffling system is pretty dang quite