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ajshoots !

I just read your post and thought it was something I wrote. I feel the same way.

I LOVE my Korean guns and my Condors and my 25 Condors shoot slugs like there is no tomorrow giving me 50+fpe at 150 yds !!!!! that is off the charts. I have a used 257 coming that will double that energy at the same yardage shooting 69gr HP bullets … these are very powerful guns. I know for a fact when I get my 257 I will be shooting it in very few areas as its maximum range is almost a mile … ~1689 yards at 940fps+ This is a serious danger zone

My shooting area is in the high desert, but I have roads and houses 400-600 yards away ….. Shooting a barrel breaker with a pellet is one thing, shooting a powerful PCP with a super heavy pellet or a slug is a totally different matter.

I’m EXTREMELY careful the direction of my shot, and I’m always looking where could this projectile land. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I have not shot because I know there is a farm house some 500+ yds down the road in my line of sight. To those who don’t know check Chairgun and your projectile at your velocity at about a 30 deg angle and you will be shocked at the distance these projectiles travel … or its easier to go to TOOLBOX to MAXIMUM RANGE and all the info with your pellet and velocity figures are all right there, it is a real eye opener !

aj, Even though I have turned into a bit of a power hound with my Condors, Career’s and Sumatra, there are times I just put them away and use a 650-750 fps ish gun shooting CPHP as they have enough poof for starlings and the BC of that pellet is not good, the poor BC does me a favor as I know it will not travel far …… sometimes less is more, if you know what I mean !

Great post aj !