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 AZBOBCAT, I’m not sure the size of the range at AoA, but the paperwork they sent me says their groups were at 25 yards. When I first got my Impact, I was getting single hole groups at 30 yards consistently. They might open up to a 1/4″ group with 16 shots. I got these groups right out of the box, so I’m confident it’s not my shooting ability. That’s why I wanted to shoot my Marauder so I could prove to myself that I wasn’t the cause. I’m on my second tin of Kings, but they didn’t get opened until after my Impact broke. I’m hoping it’s just a bad tin of pellets and not my scope. I did recently move and I made sure I took extra care moving my rifles. Even with the extra care, my Marauder’s pressure gauge didn’t make it. I did clean the barrel of my Impact when I got it back from repair and shot 2 mags through it before I tried to get good groups. 1/2″ to 3/4″ groups at 30 yards isn’t horrible for my marauder with the stock barrel, but it is very bad for my $1900 Impact. Now that I have a Marmot Militia barrel on my Marauder, I get better groups at 50 yards than my Impact is getting now at 30. Tomorrow I’ll swap scopes and try it again. I won’t be able to get another tin of pellets until Friday, so it’s going to be a miserable 2 days.