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“samkochel”Zebra, (and anyone else who cares to share their insight and knowledge)

I looked at all the guns you mentioned. The Cricket and the Wildcat really appeal to me, as does the Daystate Regal XL (really pretty). Are these all backyard friendly and able also to withstand being bumped around some and so on. I am thinking of my firearms, which will outlive me with very little maintenance. How will these all hold up?

Thanks again all,

They will all hold up well if you look after them. Like any gun, you might need to replace a part or two over their life as well as perform basic maintenance.

Air guns have O rings that may need replacing sometimes but they aren’t expensive. I haven’t had to replace any of them on my guns yet and I shoot nearly every day. I use cleaning pellets for the barrel sporadically and only do a full clean if the accuracy is off. 

For context on how long pcp guns last, I have a mint condition Career 707 which was originally bought in the 90’s (not by me) and has held air and worked  flawlessly since then. Not a single repair bill apart from needing a replacement fill probe. I look after my guns well though.

The barrels last longer than firearms barrels because they take less punishment and you don’t have to deal the gunpowder residue. Cleaning of an air gun barrel is just for lead residue (which builds up more in some barrels than others). 

All of the guns you asked about comes with a decent warranty period anyway. If you happened to get unlucky and received a problem child (which does happen) the store will fix it for you. In my experience, a problem air gun usually becomes apparent early on. 

If you do decide to treat yourself to something nice, add Ataman to your list. They are new to America so I haven’t tried their bullpups yet but they are high quality pieces with LW barrels, nice walnut and regulators. 

Once you get one and enjoy the freedom to practice in the back yard, you’ll be hooked on pcp guns like everyone else here. Any ideas on budget limitations will be out the window. If you are used to the accuracy of precision firearms, I think you’ll get along much better with a high quality air rifle than an entry level one. Being able be to use it in your back yard means you’ll be using your air rifle far more regularly than any other gun you own, so buy it in that context.