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Thanks all for your time and kindly input in my post. Some considerations so far, specifically related to FX Wildcat .22:

1 – I know the max pressure is 230BAR. It is written on the side of the Wildcat cocking mechanism as well as I said in my initial post. 

2 – I don´t know yet the min pressure. I will chronograph my gun and I will indirectly found out. I am looking forward to do it this weekend. However, I was hoping somebody had this info from FX or other sources. Here is what I have so far and again I thank the members of this forum on their answers: 

* Tominco suggests that I shouldn’t go below 100BAR. Noted.
* Scoth_MCT suggests 120BAR.
* bent goes to 110BAR min.
* AOA have sent me an answer saying that the min pressure would be between 103BAR (1500PSI) and 83BAR (1200PSI)! By the way this is the most strange answer…
* FX does not answer my emails and I gave up them. Their website does not show either the min pressure.

3 – It appears the regulator is set to 140BAR. There is no way I can check that. 

When I am hunting, I just look the gauge to see the min pressure. I am too scatterbrained to count how many shots I did! Also, it is good to know before testing your airgun what is the factory parameter.    

I am continuing my investigations…