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I have had my Labradar (one of the first released) for over one year now. It works brilliantly, even with FWB 300S and an old BSA made in 1919.
I use it almost every day. Today I was gathering data for the BC and Cd for the 16.2 gr JSB .177 Beast shot from the RAWTM1000 at average 567 fps / 11.59 fpe and at 706 fps / 17.9 fpe . The former produced a BC of 0.0302 and the latter 0.0331 at 12 dC 1012 mBar and 69% humidity tested over 25 yards. In case you are interested that compares to 0.021 for the 10.65 gr H&N Baracuda.

 I can track .177 pellets to 40+yards, .22s to 50 to 60 yards and have tracked .25 JSB Kings to 90 yards.  There is an awful lot of data along the way and plenty of surprises to keep me interested.
It works in all conditions of light and in the dark.  My CED Millenium 2 with infra red lights, which I used to do the compliance testing at the World BR Championships a year ago, gets little use now as does my old F1 Chrony. The Labradar is so quick and easy to set up; looks good too.
I use one of those re-chargable Comsol 5 V dual 1 or 2 amp batteries to run it from the 2 amp USB outlet rather than dry AA batteries or mains power.

It cost me the USA $550 at Aus rates when our $ was worth only 74c US + expensive freight to OZ (in case some may think I was given it to write nice things!).  It has been already worth every cent.
I hope this is useful …………….. Kind regards, Harry Downunder.