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“Bwalton”Looks like that pellet has a little corkscrew in it, the 50gr to me just are not as true as the 44gr. Did you do a 50y group with them?

Yes, turbonama (from GTA) and I shot several groups with the 50 grs at 50 yards a few weekends ago. In both our hands they grouped just as well at 50 as the 45 grs (one hole groups). In the video the POI on the armadillo matches my POA thru the scope cross hairs. What you might be seeing is me pulling the gun to the left after the shot is squeezed off and also the fact that the camcorder I’m using is only recording at 30 frames a second interlaced. When I artificially slow the shot down in my editing software it creates more distortion in what is already a distorted and fuzzy picture due to the lower quality of the camcorder, the fact that the camera is in motion right after the shot, and the range I’m trying to film at. 50 yards is really the usable limit of this NV system and 30 yards is the limit for clear, bright video. At this range the camera was struggling to keep everything in focus and I imagine that the IR reflecting off the pellet as it speeds away quickly would be something the camera would struggle with. 

I need to amend my observations. Normally I site my Flex in at 50 yards with the 50 grain JSBs and check groups at 20 (as most of my hunting is at 20-30 yards). Today I instead shot groups at 40 and 60 yards. At 40 yards the 50 grns were grouping tight as expected, but at 60 yards they shot all over the place, while the 45 grns will still giving me tight groups. So you may be right Baxter about them spiraling at longer range.