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Glad you’re excited-PCPs were definitely a game changer for me!
As far as dove hunting, first make sure it’s legal to take the Mourning doves with an airgun (it’s not in California). The two most common doves aside from pigeons are Mourning doves and Eurasian collared doves. The Collared doves are seen around ag and urban areas and are considered invasive pests. In some places there’s no limit and season is open all year. The native Mourning doves will be around ag operations as well such as feed lots, pastures and grain stubble. All doves need to drink so look near water, especially morning and evening. As in any kind of hunting, grab a pair of binoculars, put on your walking shoes and get out there! Pay attention to places that hold game and note the times of day they’re usually around, can’t really get more specific than that.

PS-a rangefinder is huge help as judging distance can be tricky, make sure you know your trajectory so you can place your shots well. Avoid the bend of the wing, it acts like a kevlar vest. A bird with a broken wing will dive into cover and be very difficult to retrieve.
Shoot safe,