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Did you see JoeWaynerhea’s mod to fix the Cricket 3-hand magazine swap issue? He drilled a small groove to hold the lever in place so he could switch mags one-handed. 

I wonder if there has been some changes in the Cricket design. Mine works like you described for pulling the indexing lever back (and it is a two hand job) but, the mag clicks into place immediately to the right place. Or, it could be that you have it set on manual indexing when you put the mag in, in which case, there isn’t as much of a definitive click to show you it’s in properly and you have to turn it to the right position.

The point of that indexing lever thing is meant to be an additional feature – I.e. It gives you the choice between auto and manual indexing in case you are using it at a single shot gun. Still, I would consider it to be something you get used to rather than something I like.