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ajshoots – I adjusted one of my 25 Marauders down to increase shot count and smooth out the shot curve using a Lane Regulator after cleaning up all the snags in the main air tube with a ball hone and removing the manometer block.  By adjusting the regulator up and down I was able to then look for a decent balance of hammer spring and throw. The stock or slightly modified air valve became the problem with the 25 cal.  The larger caliber just requires an X amount of air down the tube.  It was an interesting visit to physics 101.  At around 650 fps and 110 / 120 BAR (regulator set point) I hit the most consistency with a shot count around 48 with 3000 psi fill.  After that it would fall off the regulator and numbers fell off rapidly.  Those were my best numbers and I had to fiddle with the regulator adjustments which ate a lot of time and air.  
3000 psi charge 
110 BAR – 1600psi / 48 shots / 650 fps / 9 es
120 BAR – 1750psi / 40 shots / 658 fps / 5 es
If you already have 48 on the shot count at 800 I would like to see your shot curve and consistent shot count.
Oh yea all shooting was with JSB / 25.39..I am sure you can do much better with your skills.  I tore the rifle down with new seals, Hill valve and regulator set to 135 BAR. Went back to more familiar shooting because it got boring shooting at those speeds and loss of range.
Interested in how your project turns out..