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“Mrshosted”Maybe we should all 86 Pyramid air gun sells until Zebra gets the gun he won,  This is bull that they use the give away to boost sells then back out with a line of B.S.

I appreciate the solidarity but they haven’t said they are backing out. As far as I know, they are still intending to send it when the next shipment arrives. The boat from Russia is just taking a long time and the date keeps getting pushed back. It was a bit mean of them to give my one to someone else (after telling me it was being tested) but I’ll live.

The problem of shipping delays from Russia seems to be fairly common. At least, it was common enough for Kalibrgun to move production to the Czech Republic – a smart move given that Crickets have been available fairly consistently in the last few years instead of sporadic shipments like before. This was one of the main reasons I chose my Cricket over an Edgun. I liked both but the Edgun was out of stock when I was buying with no reliable info on when the next shipment would arrive. There was just an assumed delivery date that constantly got pushed back. I’m too impatient for that kind of thing.

Hopefully Air Venturi will find a way to establish a reliable supply of Ataman guns soon.