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“NMshooter”That is Awesome Dairyboy! I think the rifle is still shooting better than I am able. I shoot right out of the tin; if I was to size my pellets, I think I could do even better. A sizing press is on my wish list.

Thanks NMshooter! That’s a real nice group you had there as well it’s always one shot isn’t it? My group was 4 in the same hole and one just to the side. Will post some pics once I get my pics from my old phone on my new one. It was one of those days where everything just lined up perfectly. But sub MOA is definitely not hard with these barrels and is very satisfying. If I could take myself out of the equation I think it will shoot same hole out to 50yds easy.

Mac1 is another option. I think they machine LW and TJ barrels for the Marauder. The owner competes and does well in FT and BR. He makes custom target guns as well, so I think it is fair to assume he knows how to make an air gun accurate.

I haven’t bought from him yet but I am considering asking if he can machine a decent barrel for an AT44 for me. I want awesome pics of before and after groups too!

I was just looking at the Marmot site. I am sure they used to machine LW barrels for the Marauder as well as the TJ ones. I couldn’t see that option on their site this time (unless it is under the heading “suspended until I get caught up”).