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“fe7565”Valid points Zebra.  Ironically, I am always practicing bench rest shooting for which I grab my smallest and lightest bullpups because here in the DC area I can only shoot indoors and don’t feel like dragging with me several large and heavy rifle cases/bags.  So my favorite rifle, my Airwolf .22 MVT is barely used. But I just ordered a CF bottle (with 1lbs less weight) from TalonTunes and should be on its way soon. The Daystate factory stock is also heavy, would love to have CF stock for it one day.


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This is why I think manufacturers should focus more on accessories and upgrades as well as new air rifles. 

I think that people like you, who like to use their air gun for multiple purposes, are the majority (or at least a large percentage). There is a sales opportunity in making a range of additional stocks available for people to buy. 

Regardless of what type of rifle you buy, you are going to want a high quality barrel, breach and internal components. Once I have those things in a rifle I have invested in, there is no reason I should have buy the same thing again and again. How many 25 cal LW barrels do I really need? [/color] I’d like to take my action and put it in a target stock when I’m shooting from a bench and then drop it into a lightweight hunting stock when I go to the woods.  

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