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How to tell visually if your Impact is cocked ….

Have you ever been in that situation of not being able to remember if you cocked and reloaded your Impact after the last shot and don’t want to double load a pellet?
Sure you can cycle the cocking lever slowly feeling that the action is cocked as there is no initial load of the uncompressed spring…..but not moving the lever too far rearward as to cycle the magazine.

Well I’ve noticed another way of visually telling whether the Impact is cocked. When the gun is cocked if you look side on in the space in the trigger guard between the trigger and the regulator adjuster as the trigger pivots forwards the second stage adjustment grubb screw protrudes below the line of the rifle. When the gun is fired the grubb screw pretty much disappears up into the gun.
 It’s a quick visual inspection as to whether the gun is cocked. I originally noticed it when watching Ted’s video when he was demonstrating cycling the gun. Have any other Impact owners noticed this?