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“samkochel”about how long is it with stock removed? Thanks!

It’s around 35″ without the rear stock and 42″-45″ with the stock. The stock piece weighs over 2lb so the difference is noticeable. If it helps, I am happy to put the shoulder piece on the scale to let you know exactly how much it weighs?

The stock is designed to be removed. There is absolutely no issue with removing it. It doesn’t make it any looser. It’s not a threaded connection or anything like that. It slots in with a spring-loaded bearing. The motion of taking it off is no different to adjusting the length of pull. It is designed to allow you to shorten it for carrying and then for the stock to be extended to your preferred notch when shooting (there is 3 positions). You just pull it an extra notch to remove it.

I put “pistol” in speech marks because it’s obviously not going to be used as a handgun. Few pcp pistols are. When I used it in “pistol” configuration, I used it with a bipod and scope, just without the heavy shoulder piece. You lose the stability the shoulder stock gives you but, I was able to hold it steady enough to shoot accurately for hunting up to 50 yards when I wanted to carry less weight. I was also able to shoot well off-hand by resting the forend on my forearm (just in front of my elbow). 

There is zero chance of shooting that thing off-hand for any length of time unless you have it in pistol config. 9.5lb before you add a scope limited it to the bench for me and I am stronger than average. I never wanted to carry it into the woods with the shoulder piece.

if you like the adjustable shoulder piece and want something lighter, check out the ATP2. I think it’s one of the better pcp pistol products on the market and one of the most under-rated in Hatsan’s lineup. if someone added a decent barrel and a reg, they would be awesome.

I put my AT44 in a new stock recently. It made it feel like a different gun and renewed my interest in it as a project gun. I have been trying to see if Hatsan will sell me one of the LW barrels they have on their main site (not the American site) but so far, no answer.