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I think it is.  My rule of thumb is to keep the speed below 900 fps regardless of caliber.  Pellets are stabilized, not only by rifling twist, but aerodynamically.  That’s why they are shaped like they are.  Once the pellet is pushed into the transonic speed range (speed of sound is around 1100 fps), shock waves begin to affect their travel.  My TM1000 shoots AA 10.3 gr pellets at 880 fps and is very accurate.  My HM 1000 is set at 12 fpe and shoots AA 8.44 pellets at 800 fps.  This gun is super accurate, but is affected by wind a lot more.  If your gun shoots tight groups, it may tolerate the speed it’s set for, so leave it alone.  If you can’t cover a 5 shot group at 25 yards with a dime, then maybe you need to work on the hammer spring some more.  BTW, don’t try to compare the accuracy of a Hatsan to a RAW.  Not to belittle the Hatsans, but they are not match rifles.  They are very capable shooters and can shoot reasonably good accurate groups, however.